Physician Testimonials

CosmetAssure has Provided Welcome Assistance

CosmetAssure Surgeon: Dr. Ronald Stefani
Member Since: 2003
I have been a participating physician in CosmetAssure since its inception. While I can provide sincere care in the face of a post-op complication, I cannot provide the financial support to lessen the patient’s stress. CosmetAssure has provided welcome assistance in this regard. I have had the need to use CosmetAssure in the past, and the financial help was a relief during the frustration of recovery. It has fit well into my practice protocol and the patients are uniformly accepting of the policy and happy to have it, pre-op and post-op.


1 out of 61 Surgical Events results in a Covered Complication.

The current average CosmetAssure claim cost is $5,900.

  • Top 5 Covered Procedures
  • 1. Abdominoplasty - 24%
  • 2. Breast Augmentation - 23%
  • 3. Liposuction - 17%
  • 4. Breast Lift - 10%
  • 5. Face Lift - 7%